Brooklyn Beckham backstage at the BBC Radio1’s Teen Awards with various famous peops like Tallia Storm etc.

David Beckham and sons Cruz and Romeo attended Lakers’ Pre-Season game yesterday at the Staples Centre. While Brooklyn Beckham’s back in London since he’s still on school term. (x)

Anonymous asked:
DONT WORRY BRAVALYN! You have the best blog ever!!

Only cos I have THE best followers! *fist bump* *grins*

damnbrooklyn asked:
Hey I have a question. I'm going to London this summer to visit my aunt and uncle and see if maybe we can find Brooklyn in a store or, walking down the street or something. Could Brooklyn possibly still be in London by the time I'm there?

Let me check my satellite tracking system for Brooklyn Beckham’s location. *initiating system loading* XD Jk, i wouldn’t know dearie, but you could just take a chance and just wander around, who knows maybe he’ll bump into you. *winks* I wouldn’t know too whether he’ll be staying in London for the summer, seeing as the Beckhams always head to the States for their breaks.

queenmagnum asked:
Did brooklyn have a twitter or instagram?

Yeah, i’ve linked them on the header on the blog page.

typewrittentantrums asked:
Hello! I followed you on twitter, tumblr and IG just because you're the best among the other fan accounts + you're updated and you're more matured than others. Thanks for the updates!! x

Now you’re just too kind and sweet. *blushes* Thank you lovely person. Much appreciated.

Brooklyn Beckham making a career in photobombing Ed Sheeran’s photographs with fans lol.

More candids of Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklyn77b) with fans at Ed Sheeran’s concert. Like his own meet&greet session lol.

Anonymous asked:
Why are you so inactive? will not want to be like those pages of Brooklyn's stalkers,, but you should post all days, say hello! if you do not, you may lose followers :((

It’s okay. Life should not be about chasing followers. I do this for fun….and it’s not supposed to be something that’s competitive or anything. People may feel free to unfollow if they find this blog inactive, i’d totally understand. Brooklyn’s in London, and back to his normal life, so there’s hardly much daily updates about him unless people follow his friends accounts and track him from there. I’ll probably just post edits, fanpics and daily HQ pics whenever I can…but only when I have the time to do so.