Brooklyn Beckham’s new vine at Nandos. (x)

Brooklyn Beckham’s newest vine thankin followers for 26k. (X)

Brooklyn Beckham arriving and leaving Balthazar restaurant in New York after Victoria Beckham’s NYFW Show.

Anonymous asked:
I love your blog!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you! heart shaped emojis right back atcha! *grins*

Anonymous asked:
Do you know where the picture of him was taking in London?

No idea, sorry.

Anonymous asked:
is the twitter link really brooklyn's?

Yup. That’s his for sure.

Anonymous asked:
What grade is Brooklyn in ?

I dunno much about the education system in London, and if he’s in private boarding school…but he’s 15 years old…so..maybe 6th form? Not sure.

Just a random photo set of Harper and David Beckham at NYFW earlier this year. 

Anonymous asked:
I know you like the pictures bit do you not think its unfair he can't even go home from school without paparazzi following him

I feel both ways about the pictures. On one hand, yeah it’s sad that he can’t even go to school or hang with friends without being followed & photographed but also it’s inevitable cos he’s been the hot topic of the press recently with the rumored relationship with Chloe so there’s still strong interest in his activities. Plus since Chloe recently mentioned about him in her latest interview with Teen Vogue, the press is definitely keeping tabs on him and his whereabouts when I thought things had died down….so there’s that. Poor dude tho but I think he’s used to it by now.

Brooklyn Beckham with his friends strolling in the London streets today, sporting a cool new hair cut. (x)

Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklyn77b) clearly a pro in front of the camera.